Create and send digital quotes with our quoting software.

Quoting software helps you to create beautiful digital quotes and allow your customers to accept and sign those quotes online.

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Discover the features of our quoting software

Automatic Calculation

The quoting software will automatically calculate the VAT and total of your quote. You simply select the products you want to add, make changes where needed, and the software will automatically adjust the totals.

Quote Builder

With our easy-to-use quote builder, you can drag and drop blocks to create beautiful quotes fast and efficiently.  You can add text, images, video to turn your quote into high performance sales page.

Digital Signature

Allowing your customers to accept and singing the quote online improves your customer experience. Customers will save time and effort and will be inclined to accept your quote much faster.

Integrated Payments

Integrated quote payment in quoting software offers a convenient and secure payment processing system for both customers and businesses. Customers can submit payments at the time of accepting a quote.

Quote Templates

You can create quote templates with the quoting software. That saves you time because you will only need to create a quote once. Most quotes have the same content. Only a small portion will change. Working with quote templates will make your life much easier.

Encrypted Links

The quoting software will create an encrypted link for each signatory of the quotation. This link can be shared via multiple ways such as e-mail, SMS, or chat.  Your customer will be able to view, accept and sign that quote from any device.

Self-service Portal

Your customers can access their quotes via the customer portal. This will save you time and effort and make things easier for your customers to keep track of their quotes.

The quoting software is part of the all-in-one Globistack software suite that offers much more than quoting and proposal features to grow, manage and digitally transform your business.

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