Future-proof your Business with Globistack.

Globistack is all-in-one business software to grow, manage, and digitally transform your business. One solution to seamlessly connect your data and all parts of your business with your teams and customers.

Globistack business software

Main Globistack Benefits


Globistack is All-in-one with apps and tools that cover a wide range of business needs. Eliminating the need for multiple software solutions.


Globistack is Multi-lingual and supports all languages. You can easily translate your content. No plug-ins required.

Cloud Hosted

Globistack is hosted in the Cloud on your own virtual private server. Accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Fully Managed

Globistack is a full-service solution that includes hosting, backup, security, monitoring, bug fixing, updates, and support.


Globistack is a European solution that complies with the data and privacy rules and regulations.

Data Protection

Globistack data is securely stored in an ISO certified European data center. Your data is never shared with others.

Fixed Pricing

Globistack offers fixed pricing. No monthly user- or app-based pricing. You can use all the apps with unlimited users.


Globistack is scalable and grows with your business, allowing you to scale the resources according your business needs.

Unlock your Business Potential with Globistack.

With Globistack, we have been able to create an attractive e-platform bringing MS nursing professionals together at European level. We are now able to offer relevant content and foster a community of nurses in a safe environment.
Elisabeth Kasilingam
Elisabeth Kasilingam

Globistack Features

Content Management with Globistack

Content Management

Create and manage content in one place. Build your website, online shop, and blog.

Contact relationship management with Globistack

Customer Management

Manage your customer's data. Improve relations and lifetime customer value.

Learning management with Globistack

Learning Management

Organize an online learning environment for your members, customers, or employees.

Commerce Management with Globistack

Commerce Management

Organize and streamline your sales to enhance satisfaction and drive growth. 

Project Management with Globistack

Project Management

Organize projects, assign tasks, track progress and time, and enhance productivity.

Marketing Management with Globistack

Marketing Management

Promote products and services, increase sales, and improve marketing processes.

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