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Globistack specializes in secure and durable web development. We deliver high-end web solutions build on the Laravel framework and we provide a worrie-free and all-in professional experience with our optimized hosting service and complete care plan.

We bring our more than 20 years of knowledge and experience into your projects. We work side by side with your existing team of designers and consultants to assist in any matters related to web development, web security and maintenance.

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Why choose Globistack?

Secure Development

We develop solutions on the Laravel framework, the most popular and most secure PHP framework. Laravel offers out of the box protection against the most common security threads.

Our development process has been fine tuned and optimized over the years. Security is a central part of our process.  We check the code for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and over 100 other known security risks.

We have partnered with Sophos for security software and Qualys for vulnerability testing to ensure a continued level of security and compliance.

GDPR Compliant Solutions

The GDPR law brings new responsibilities for companies of all sizes.  Companies are responsible for all obligations under the GDPR law. Failing to comply will lead to heavy fines of 20 million euro or 4% of the global turnover, whichever is greater.

Our Care Plan makes compliance with the GDPR law easier in terms of security and monitoring.

We also develop our solutions with Privacy by design.

Durable Solutions

On of the main advantages of the Laravel framework is that it is very well maintained. Each release comes with a fixed period for bug fixing and security updates.

This makes that solutions build on Laravel are durable.

We provide continued support and update management for the Laravel framework and all our solutions.  That makes that our solutions have a longer live span than any other option in the market.

Flexible Solutions

Our solutions combine pre-developed vendor packages and custom-developed solutions.  We develop systems to be modular and easy to customize.

Keeping all flexibility while avoiding a bloated code base is one of our fist priorities. We want to deliver clean and high performing code.

By only using what the end-client realy needs, we are able to deliver high performing solutions that beat any CMS.