The story about Globistack

About Us

The story of Globistack starts with Tom 


For almost 3 decades, Tom, the founder and owner of Globistack, has worked in different business sectors. During this time he gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience. Tom made his first website in the late 90's.  In recent years he specialized in durable and secure web application development. He has engineered and developed web applications ranging from simple pricing tools to complex web platforms, websites with portals and SaaS.

The launch of Globistack

Globistack Commerce

The development of Globistack took several years. The Globistack trademark was registered in 2020.

Since then we continued to develop and expand the software with more apps and tools to that cover a wide range of business needs.

Today Globistack offers an all-in-one solution to seamlessly connect the data and all parts of a business with their teams and customers.

Continued development.

continued grow and development

We will continue to develop and expand the Globistack solution by adding new features and expanding existing features.

We are looking to create vertical solutions with Globistack for specific sectors. Customizing the software for target markets and bringing vendors together in online marketplaces and directories to bridge the world of sales.

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