Fair Pricing

Pay only for what you need.

User do not use the software all the time. They may not even use it every day.

Fair pricing is charging you only for the resources you need.

That is why we apply resource pricing.

Pricing methods explained

Per user per app pricing: your company will be billed for every user they register and app they use.

Per user pricing: your company will be billed for every user they register.

Active user pricing: your company will be billed for every user that has accessed the software in a month.

Resource pricing: your company will only pay for what it needs. No user-based pricing. Your company can use the resources with unlimited users.

What is resource pricing?

Your package will include a specified number of resources. Resources include storage, memory, and processing power.  With resource pricing you pay a fixed amount for those resources. Whether you use those resources with 10 or 1000 users, won’t increase your cost.

How will I know how much resources I need?

You can estimate it based on the activity of your users. 100 users that are online at the same time will need more resources than 100 users that are online spread over days.  1 course will need less storage than 100 courses. All depends on the use.

We monitor the resources.  You can see the live use of resources in the resources panel of the software.

You can start with the lowest resources and increase them when needed. You may also need temporary more resources. For example, you might work with seasonal workers that only need access to the software during a specific period.  In such case you can increase the resources during that period and decrease them after.

Why use resource pricing?

We believe that it is the fairest pricing. Charging customers by the number of users is punishing those customers for their size and growth.  Having more employees does not always mean more income. Each user is not using the software all the time so why should you be charged for it?

Resource pricing is in line with modern pricing policies. When you use cloud services, you will be familiar with this type of pricing. Since our software is hosted in the cloud, it only makes sense to apply the same pricing policy. You pay only for what you need.

At first you might think this is complicated. But when you see your savings, you will understand.

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