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Sell anywhere with our POS Software 

Point of Sale (POS) software allows you to sell your products in your physical store or on the road.

Discover the main benefits of POS software. 


A cloud-based POS allows you to work from any place and any device. You can use it in your store or on the road such as on markets allowing you to expand your customer base.

CRM Integration

POS integration with the CRM allows you to easily access customer data and track sales trends. You benefit from a centralized approach to manage customer data and sales.

Integrated Stock

You have one stock for your POS, your online store and other sales activities. Your stock is always up to date and it allow you to reduce work and cost.

Loyalty Program

The loyalty program in your POS is a great way for your business to increase revenue and customer loyalty. It will turn your one sale into a recurring sale.

Online Store Sync

The POS is fully integrated with the online store and allow you to greatly improve the efficiency of the whole ordering, store pickup, and payment process.

The POS software is part of the all-in-one Globistack software suite that offers much more than point of sale features to grow, manage and digitally transform your business.

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