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Laravel is a PHP framework.

Learn more about Laravel, its creator and why Laravel is the best choice for your web application development.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. It was created by Taylor Otwell in 2011. Since then, Laravel has become the most popular and most efficient open-source PHP framework in the world.

Who is Taylor Otwell?

Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, went to the Arkansas Tech University and was interested in computers ever since he was a kid. On his first job the team of developers taught him .NET programming which gave him a lot of knowledge about programming and software design.

Taylor was also introduced to open-source software during that time. Otwell was familiar with PHP from his college experience. He knew that it was easy and cheap to host. In his free time, he started to learn more about PHP.

Taylor was using another framework called CodeIgniter and was continually hacking the core of that to make it behave more like he thought it should behave. That is how Laravel was born.

About six months after hacking his way, the first version of Laravel saw the light. A very small framework at first, but of course now, Laravel is grown to be the most popular and full stack framework.

Laravel offers many advantages.

Faster to market with Laravel

The Laravel framework uses expressive and elegant syntax that makes the development process faster and easier. Laravel is modular and there are a lot of pre-build functions that allow to build web applications in a time-efficient manner.

Laravel is more secure

Laravel has build in protections for the most common security vulnerabilities. This makes Laravel more secure than other frameworks. According to OWASP, web application vulnerabilities are the number 1 privacy risk. Using Laravel goes a long way in avoiding those risks.

Laravel is open-source

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework and free to use. Laravel has a large, growing and devoted community with thousands of developers using the framework to build web applications. This makes Laravel not only free to use but also very well supported worldwide.

Laravel protects business logic

Laravel is an MVC based PHP framework that ensures seperation between views and business logic. The M stands for Model and it handles the data. The model is a kind of gatekeeper of the underlying database table. The V stands for View and it handles displaying the data to the viewer. The C stands for controller and connects the data with the views and controls what happens with it. This means that visitor will not have access to the business logic or underlying data.

Laravel is maintained properly

The team behind Laravel provides regular security updates and bug fixing. Laravel recently changed its update policy. In the past, a new version was released every 6 months. Now, the release cycle is 12 months. This means that Laravel is even more easy to maintain while benefitting from the latest technology and features.

Globistack software is built on Laravel

We have many years of experience with the Laravel framework. We work exclusively with Laravel for the development of web applications. 

Globistack software is built in Laravel and follows the update strategy of Laravel.

Globistack can serve as a solid base to develop your advanced website, web application, online platform, or Software as a Service.

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