Our Care Plan

One care plan for your project

We have designed a care plan that includes updates, bug fixing, hosting and backup maintenance, monitoring, security and reporting.

Our care plan takes into considering the legal requirements under the GDPR law regarding security and monitoring.

This is what is included in our Care plan.


The Laravel framework is regularly updated. We take care of updating your project. We handle updates for the Laravel framework and all packages, modules and custom code. We make sure that your project always uses a version of Laravel that is supported.

Bug fixing

Bugs may arise while using the software. We take care of fixing those bugs so that you can keep using your software bug free.

Hosting maintenance

You choose the cloud provider and we take care of the maintenance. We handle updates of the operating system and software. See our hosting solution page for full details of what is included in hosting maintenance.

Backup maintenance

You choose the cloud storage provider and we take care of the maintenance. We handle updates of the operating system and software.


Monitoring is a very important part of your project success. You can't do pro-active maintenance of your project without monitoring. The goal of monitoring is to detect issues before they become a big problem for your business. We provide uptime monitoring of your homepage and server, application monitoring for performance and errors, server and application log monitoring.

Server security

We regularly run a security scan on your hosting server to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities or bad configurations. Since the software on the server is updated regularly, it is possible that configurations are overwritten. That is why we check the security of the server. If any server security issues are detected, we fix them under the care plan.

Application security

When we deliver the project we run a security check on the application. This is the starting point of your application security. To ensure the continued security status of your project, we repeat the security scan regularly. If we detect any application security issues, we fix them under the care plan.

Extended SSL

While having a free Let's Encrypt SSL is a good start, it does not offer any guarantees. That is why we install a Sectigo Extended SSL that verifies your business and offers a 1 million Us Dollar guarantee. An extended SSL gives more trust to your website.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The firewall that we install on the server closes the ports that are not in use. However, this is not enough. We take care of setting up a Web Application Firewall that offers protection against DDOS attacks and other hacking attempts or external threats.


You want to know the status of your project and that is why we send you a report regularly. Between reports we provide updates to you as needed. You won't have to guess how your project is doing, you will know exactly.

Knowing that you have a Care plan in place, you can start your project with confidence. Contact us with your project details.