Our rates

Affordable and flexible

We like to be open about our rates. We know we provide the best value for what you pay. We have a fixed rate for support and development. We offer discounts based on the number of hours your project needs. The larger your project, the lower the rate. In addition, we offer fixed quotes, flexible licensing and even a Software as a Service and a rent to own solution.

We are all about quality and not volume. Delivering you quality at affordable rates is our goal.

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Maximum rate

Our maximum rate for development and support is 70 EUR per hour.


We offer discounts up to 25% based on the number of hours.

Free consult

We offer a free consult on every new project. You can schedule an online meeting or a call during which we can discuss the general details of your project. It will allow us to get familiar with your requirements and let you decide whether we are a good fit for your project. During this consult we can also show you some of our work.

Solution design

Our process starts with the creation of a solutions design. During this time, we map out your wishes and requirements. Your project is split in different parts and we analyze each part to get a clear and detailed picture. This also allows us to discover issues or parts that you did not think of.

Fixed quote

Based on the details of the solution design we can provide you with a fixed quote. You will know exactly what your project will cost. You will not have any surprises. Only when your requirements change, the quote changes.

Existing software

Over the years we have developed software such as a CMS, E-commerce, E-learning, Mailing and Blog. We have developed this software as packages that can be integrated in your project. This means that we will not need to develop your project from scratch. You will benefit from a lower overall cost of your project.

Care Plan

The care plan is our service plan that covers updates, bug fixing, maintenance of hosting, monitoring and security. The cost of the care plan is fixed and based on the project details. All work that is covered under the scope the care plan will be executed under the cost of the plan and you won't be billed extra for that.

License options

Our standard license gives you a worldwide license to use the software within your own company for as long as you want without any yearly license renewal fees. If you intend to commercialize your project and sell it to third-parties, we offer an extended license.

Software as a Service

If you do not want to own a license and you are looking for a recurring payment option, we can offer you the Software as a Service (SaaS). You will pay a monthly fixed fee for the software. The software as a service option allows you to start with a lower investment. You can also buy a license at the end of your SaaS term if you like.

Rent to own

You might be looking for a solution with a lower initial investment and option to own a license after a specific term. That is where we offer the rent to own option. You will pay only 30% upfront and the remainder is spread over a period of 2 years. This allows you to spread your investment.

As you can read, we have many options, and we are able to match your wishes and requirements. We are always open and straight forward when it comes to costs. During the solution design process, we give you insights on how you can lower the costs.

Contact us with your project requirements and let us get your project up and running.