Our hosting solution

You own the hosting and we manage it

As a company you want full control and ownership while not having to worry about maintenance and security.

While most providers try to lock you in their hosting solution, we give you the freedom to choose the Cloud provider. You own the Cloud account and we take care of the setup, configuration and maintenance.

By owning the Cloud server, you have no vendor lock-in and you don't depend on the hosting service provider to continue your project. You pay for the hosting directly to the Cloud provider and that way you have full control.

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This is what is included in our Hosting solution.

Choice of cloud providers

You choose the cloud provider for your hosting and we take care of managing it. We currently support the following hosting providers:

These providers have been tested. Any other provider might be possible but will need to be tested first.

Setup of hosting

We setup the hosting environment on your choice of cloud provider. We install the Ubuntu operating system and the following software:

  • PHP: server-side programming language
  • MySQL or MariaDB: database for data storage
  • Redis: cache for message queues
  • Nginx: webserver
  • Opcache: cache for PHP code
  • Firewall: to block unused ports on server
  • Fail2ban: to protect against SSH brute-force attacks

Sophos Server Protection

We install the Sophos Server Protection in addition to the software above. The Sophos Server Protection provides live malware scanning and runtime protection. Files are scanned in real-time to detect malware, suspicious behaviour and damaging traffic. All this while Live checking the files against the SophosLabs database for the latest malware.

You will have access to the Sophos Central dashboard where you can always check the status of the server.

Hosting optimization

After setting up your hosting we apply our magic to optimize your hosting. We configure the software and apply settings for optimal performance. We have a very long experience in optimizing hosting for Laravel and you will see that in the performance of your project.

Hosting maintenance

We take care of the hosting updates. The server operating system and software as described above is updates weekly. Keeping the server up to date is needed to ensure a secure hosting environment. Any security vulnerabilities may open up the server to hacking.

Hosting backup

We believe that it is again important that you have full control over your backup. That is why you pick the storage provider and you own the account.

You choose the backup location and we setup the backup software and schedule. Currently we support the following backup storage providers:

  • Microsoft Azure storage
  • Goolge Cloud storage
  • Amazone S3 storage

Our hosting solution is provided under our Care Plan.