Our Laravel development

Laravel development

We deliver high-end Laravel development. Every step in our development process is crucial to delivering the perfect solution. Over the years we have perfected our process to get optimal results.

Our Laravel development process

Step 1: Solution Design

A good project starts with a clear picture of your wishes. That is why a solution design is crucial in the process.The meaning of a solution design is as the word itself says: the design of the solution.Before writing any piece of code, we map out your wishes and requirements. During this process we split the project up in different parts and analyse each part. This allows us to discover issues or parts that you did not think of. During the solution design we also advice on best practices and costs. Thanks to our many years of experience we can give you a clear picture of the overall costs and warn you of the potential pitfalls. We can tell you exactly what to do in order to have the same result but at a lower cost.

Step 2: Quote

At this time we are ready to give you a quote. Based on the requirements and details of the solution design we can give you a fixed quote. You will know exactly what the project will cost. A fixed price for your project means no surprises as long as you don't change the requirements.

Step 3: Milestones

Milestones are specific points in the timeline of your project. For each milestone there is a deliverable. A deliverable is a part of the project that is delivered. By setting milestones you get a clear picture of your project and it will allow you to follow the progress easily. Payments are also linked with the milestones so that you pay for you project in clearly defined steps with deliverables per payment.

Step 4: Development

Development is done according to the milestones set in previous step. We setup a staging environment where we publish your project while under development. Our development process is optimized for the delivery of correct code and we develop your project by following the PHP coding standard.

Step 5: Code review

After each part is developed, the code is reviewed. We verify the work by running a check on the coding standard to make sure that all code is following the PHP coding standard. In addition we run a test on the code to find bugs and find possible code optimizations. The fixes are applied before moving to the next step.

Step 6: Live testing

After we are sure that the code is up to standard, we proceed to live testing. At this point, the code is deployed to a live development environment. Once deployed, we test the work with dummy data to make sure that everything works correctly. Only when the code is tested in the live development environment we mark the part as completed and move on to the next. Steps 4 to 6 are repeated until the whole project is done.

Step 7: Beta

At this step the project is ready to be deployed for beta testing by you. The whole project is deployed on a staging server and ready to be tested with live data. At this point the development is done and we are in final stages of the development cycle.

Step 8: App security testing

We aim to delivery highly secure solutions. That is why in this step we will do security testing on the application. This will allow us to find any issues that we might have missed during the development process. It also allows us to discover vulnerabilities that might have been found. We test for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and more than 100 other possible vulnerabilities. All this to make sure that the application is secure before going live.

Step 9: Live

We are now ready to deploy your project on the live server. We take care of setting up the server, configuring the server, deploying your code and optimizing your server for high performance.

Step 10: Final check

In this step we do a final check on the sever security to make sure that the server is properly configured to avoid any security vulnerabilities on the server. We also do a performance test to make sure that the project is performing as it is suppose to.

You are now ready to start using your project with confidence. Now our Care Plan will take over to provide continued support and bug fixing.