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We are a dynamic team ready to serve you with secure and durable development.

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The man behind Globistack

Tom is the man in charge of the Globistack projects. Tom has been supplying development services for over 20 years. He made his first website back in 1997. Over the years he has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience that give the Globistack projects an edge over other web service providers.

Tom has applied his rich know-how and experience and specializes in high-end, secure and durable web solutions.Combine this technical knowledge with sound logic and business experience and you strike gold.

Security has become more and more crucial over recent years. With the coming of GDPR, it has even become law to have appropiate security measures in place. That is why Tom extended his expertise to security by becoming a Sophos Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified Architect and Qualys Certified Vulnerability Testing Professional.

The team behind the man

A great man needs a great team. No one-man show can deliver and sustain the level of service that is needed to guarantee successful projects. Tom has selected and trained a team of developers that follow a process for development which has been created and optimized by Tom over the many years. The senior lead developer manages team on a day to day base while Tom oversees the projects.

Running a company takes time and effort. While Tom spends most of his time on managing the projects, the dynamic admin team members take care of accounting, marketing and day to day management of the company.

Remote work

Most of our work is done remotely. We are only a click away and can meet with you from the comfort of your own home or office via Online meeting. Only in projects where an on-site presence is needed, such as with on-site research and mapping of offline procedures we go on location. Otherwise we work remote and online.

Higher level solutions

As they say: everybody can make a website. In some way that is true. Everybody with a bit of technical sense can build a website. With CMS software like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla and Website platforms such as Wix or Squarespace it has become very easy to build a website.However all those solutions have limitations.

If you want a high performing, durable and a secure web solution, you have to take your development to the next level. That is where Globistack comes in.

We work with others

We work well with designers, IT staff, consultants and anybody else on your projects team. Over the years we have worked with design agencies, IT companies, marketing agencies and consulting companies. Each time we brought our knowledge and experience into the project.

If you have any other question about us, don't hesitate to contact us!